15 Point Checklist of Feature Must-haves for Your Website to Double Your Lead Generation

By admin.dsm | Oct 2, 2018


Cover Page - Top 15 Must-haves_bottomLooking for a list of tools that can surefire increase your leads? This easy-to-do list helps you double or even triple your lead generation by just adding a few words, videos or even just utilizing your websites space.

It is true that in order to get the business to make noise in the market, a company needs to spend a great amount of money first. But fret not because you do not need to waste your time looking for ways and spend your entire budget on it. Save money and time by simply following this 15 point checklist.

  1. checkmarkSocial Share Buttons

    These buttons placed in a row usually under an article’s headline or at the end of an article provides your readers the ability to share your article to different social media outlets. It also gives your website free advertisement from your actual readers.

  2. checkmarkTestimonial and Review Display

    Providing a list of testimonials from existing customers as well as reviews from respected industry experts adds credibility to your website.

  3. checkmarkCreating Survey or Quiz

    Putting up a quick survey or a quiz on your website makes your readers engage in it. It also lengthens the time the readers and potential customers stay on your website.

  4. checkmarkLarge Buttons

    Setting anything on your website in a larger size puts the reader’s focus in it. Creating a button extra larger encourages the readers to make an action.

  5. checkmarkContact Information

    Be it a phone number, an e-mail address or both, including this necessary information in your website works in a lot of ways. Putting your contact info makes you appear more accessible to your readers.

  6. checkmarkPop-up Boxes

    This has been used by many websites and annoyed many potential customers. However, it can still add a relevant increase in your leads because of the noise it makes whenever it appears.

  7. checkmarkPutting up Giveaways

    Everyone loves free stuff and any website must take advantage of that. Giving people something in exchange to their e-mail address gives you the chance to connect with them.

  8. checkmarkProduct Videos

    Almost everyone is a visual learner which means that nothing else is an effective tool for sending a message across than a video. It is better than putting up pictures because videos keep the viewers engaged while you give them information. It also allows the to see nearly up-close and personal what the product looks like.

  9. checkmarkGated Videos

    Same as the product videos, the readers get to visualize not only through the descriptions the information that the website conveys but also gives you the chance to get the e-mail address of the viewer.

  10. checkmarkMaking Use of the White Space

    The white space or the negative space is a tricky way of putting the focus on whatever part of your website. Also, keep in mind that it is among the many ways of showing the neatness of your website.

  11. checkmarkTrust Seals

    Placing trust seals on your website give the same effect as the testimonials and actual reviews. The only difference is that it only eats up a little space and the seals are recognizable by many.

  12. checkmarkPosting Forms

    Putting up forms in your website either for signing up for an account or newsletter gives you not only their e-mail address but also their other contact information. This allows you to reach your potential customers in more ways possible.

  13. checkmarkSlideShare Presentation

    For hesitant readers who do not want to spare a few minutes of their time to watch a video, putting a SlideShare where only photos move in one direction on their own still provides visual representation and action while you give them the information you need the public to know.

  14. checkmarkGuest bloggers

    Letting influential bloggers write for you gives quality work and additional advertisement. They do not only bring in their readers to your website but gives you a high probability of getting the article they wrote for your website be advertised with their blogs or website too.

  15. checkmarkContent Upgrades

    Placing links in strategic areas of your websites or actual articles benefits you in several ways. One of it is that it lets you give the readers only the most important information while keeping the website or article clean and simple. It also tells your that your website or article has a lot more to offer or to tell. To learn more tips, schedule a call with us and get a free consultation.




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