18 Questions You Need to Ask Every Web Designer Before Hiring Them

By admin.dsm | Dec 29, 2017

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Ready to get your own website created today? Here is a list of questions to guide you on your meeting with your chosen design team.

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In today’s world, many companies turn to the internet for help. Businesses – big, medium or small – have been discovering the wonders of the internet in terms of sales, advertisement, and information dissemination. However, having an online presence is not enough. Every website must fit the wants and needs of each company. You do not need to empty your pockets just to get a professionally made website for your company. Choose a reputable web design company and equip yourself with the right questions, and you are good to go.

1. Can I look at your sample works or portfolio?

Before negotiating with any business, the first thing to look for is their previous works. There is nothing more important than to see a possible end result. It also gives you an idea of what they are capable of doing from the simplest up to the most complicated ones.

Business.2. Who are the team members responsible for the project management and web design making?

Do not hesitate on asking who handles what because it will come handy when you need to deal with very specific details on your website. There are definitely persons in charge of certain tasks so this shall be easily answered. You will also feel more at ease when you get to talk to the people who are going to work for you. In this way, you do not only establish trust in each other but also leads you to a better communication with your web designers.

3. What are your credentials?

It is important whenever you choose a company to design and build your website for you that you know the qualifications of the company and their entire team. This will not only take away your doubts with the company you are dealing with but also to know their professional background and what they are capable of.

4. What will be the initial services included in the project?

A project will always be a package with the same services initially provided. They are only changed to cater the customer’s specific needs. However, be sure that the web design team covers designing, developing and marketing processes. Do not also forget to ask if their core services include SEO and different plug-ins.

Designer.5. What are your other services?

Make sure that you know all your choices. The web design company may not know exactly what you are looking for all the time. It is best that you get to know what else they can offer you to make sure that you have explored all your choices and know the skills of the web designers too.

6. How will you preserve my current site’s history?

This type of question is not exactly for start-up companies that are new to the online market. However, this is very important for those that are trying to upgrade their websites or just want to try new web designs. It is important to know this before having your new website built because there is a risk of broken links if others have linked your websites into theirs and with your advertisements. This may also lead to losing some customers or just a sudden drop in the rankings.

7. What will the process with the website’s content be?

The main goal for seeking help putting up a website is to be able to get professionally designed pages for your company. However, you must not forget that the main reason your company wants to be visible online is to be able to send a message across greater customers. Having a beautifully made website is not enough for your company to be heard and seen online. Content goes hand-in-hand with the design.

8. Will the domain name and account be registered under my name?

Any representative of the company must not be fixated with just setting up a website and putting up content in it. You need to ask your chosen web design company if they are going register the account under your name. If for example the domain and account are registered under the web design company’s name, you might have problems in the future if the web design company, unfortunately, closes down.

9. How much will the entire project be?

This will have to be the make or break question on your side. You need to know if the cost of the design will not exceed your budget. Web designers have different rates. A web design company that offers cheaper services is not necessarily a better choice. They might offer their services for very affordable prices but it might also be way below your standards and expectations. Make sure that the amount you are about to pay is exactly the quality of work you are looking for.

166052910. How long is it going to take for you to finish and launch the website?

The next most important thing to know in terms of the website building is the amount of time the project is going to be completed. Businesses seeking the help of web designers come from different industries. This is why the web design company expects you to have little knowledge of the website building process. However, it is important that you know and you understand the initial stages, steps, and progress up until the launching of your website.

11. How can you assure me that the project is done properly?

The web design team will need an ample amount of time to be able to finish the project on your agreed time of completion. This means that it will be too much to monitor the team’s work every day. Be sure to know that you get an update every week. Also, make it clear that they update you regularly. Do not also forget that everything that is agreed on should be put on paper.

12. How is the website going to be built?

When you ask the web designers this question, you need to first know where your website will be hosted. Next is to choose if you want an existing, customized or made from scratch design. Discuss with web design team the details of the project. Let them know if you do not exactly understand certain areas because they will be more than glad to explain it to you. No one wants to have a problem by the end of the project just because of a misunderstanding.

13. What do I need to provide or do?

You need to understand that not everything will be done by the design team. There are certain things that you need to do as well. First, in the list is that it is your duty to provide all the necessary information. They will also need your acknowledgment and approval on specific areas of your website. They will also need you to provide pictures, videos or any other content that you want to be placed on your website.

14. What can you do to increase conversion from website visitors?

It is best that you ask them about their conversion strategies so that they will be able to discuss with you the process. This will also tell you which part of their strategy needs your full cooperation. Another thing is to know if they focus on the UI aspect of the website. UI greatly contributes to conversion. No customer will like to schedule a consultation or purchase a product on your website if they cannot figure out how to use your website.

161204315. Is my website going to be mobile-friendly?

Due to the popularity of smartphones these days, many customers make purchases using their phones. Not all websites are viewed flawlessly on smartphones. They need to be built compatible for mobile use. This is exactly why you need to discuss with your web designer how your website will be accessible via mobile devices. There is a need for all the businesses to catch-up to this trend.

16. What can you do to keep my website secure?

Now that you have finished discussing the design, the content and the whole process of the building your website, ask about your site’s security. This area must not be overlooked or else you will be facing big problems for your company in the future. Inquire about the codes they use or if they use preemptive security tools. Discuss also with your chosen web design company if they will help you if there comes a hacking incident in your website in the future.

17. Will you be teaching me how to operate my website?

After the project is finished, the web designers’ responsibilities are also over unless you had an agreement of receiving continuous services from them. You definitely need to ask the web designers if they are going to teach you how to use your newly built website or if they will send you video tutorials. What a waste it will your well-made website be if you are unable to use or update it yourself or anyone in your company.

18. What happens if I want to make changes on the website in the future?

Whenever you talk to the web designers, always keep in mind that the website is made for long term use. This means that you have to think ahead of time. You have to ask your web designer about the options of having future adjustments or updates. Inquire if future updates are included in what you are paying for. If not, ask them how to seek their support in the future.

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