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Episode #45 – Water Cooler Effect

A simple way to increase your workers’ overall productivity by 10-15% and make them happier? – Increased Cohesion (How well the group of friends is networking together) – More productive – More access to people Now imagine if you can do this for your team. What if you can do it for yourself too? Jonathan…

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Asking for Reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp

Here are easy ways to ask customers to review your social media pages. Facebook: There is a dedicated page for reviews, once there, the customer can select to review the page. It’ll say something like “Do you recommend [Company]? YES | NO”   Format:[PAGENAME]/reviews/ Example:    Google: This one is a little tricky.…

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Episode #44 – Sometimes Customers Make Me Sick 🤮

Nobody is perfect and we’ll all eventually come across a customer that’ll get on our nerves. So don’t worry its perfectly normal. Today I’ll be going through the tips on how I’ve dealt with these experiences. 1. Have a good mindset 2. Self-reflection 3.Break it off professionally with toxic customers Other Tips: Don’t Turn to…

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Episode #43 – Is there a right time to start a business?

The answer is today. There’s really never a perfect time. Its like asking is there ever a right time to start exercising. Here are some reasons I’ve been told: I don’t have time I don’t have enough money I have kids or going to have kids I don’t have good ideas Get started today! –…

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Episode #40 – What Happened To My Childhood… Stores?!

In recent news, Toys R Us and Sears went or are going bankrupt. What happened and can we learn from their mistakes? Toys R Us Amazon wasn’t the problem. They walked into the lion’s mouth. Kept borrowing and interests were way too high. Living on borrowed money. Ran out of Cash. Sears Online stores and…

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Episode #39 – Coming Up with a Business Name

  Thinking about starting your business and you need to come up with a catchy name? Here are some things to do to help. Ideas of Names: Check if the name is available on Social Media: Check if the name is available to be registered:

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3 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Website and Get More Traffic

Powerful ways to promote a website - article

Are you ready to put that beautiful website to work for your business? Contrary to popular opinion, your website shouldn’t be an expense on your balance sheet. It’s an asset that should be adding value to your bottom line. The key to a successful website is to make it a destination place that offers so…

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