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Episode #55 – 1on1s

This is the time to give your undivided attention to your staff to give you their thoughts and for you to provide feedback. 1on1 Session: 5 min – Personal Topics 15 minute – Employee Feedback 10 minute – Manager Feedback 5 minute (optional) – Career Development – Avoids the heat of the moment situations –…

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Episode #54 – Having Your Team Work as a Team

As Ken Blanchard said, “None of Us is As smart as All of Us”. It’s a focus on working as a team is better than going solo. Collective intelligence. Abraham Maslow wrote a paper on ” A Theory of Human Motivation”. The hierarchy of human needs: 1. Physiological (Hunger and Thirst) 2. Security 3. Sense…

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Episode #53 – The New Way of Sales

When I first started my business and put on my sales hat. I did all the typical sales type things recommended by other sales professionals. – Networking Events – Cold Calling – Phone Calls – Emails In 2018 and beyond, this is what I see myself and other sales professionals doing: – Social Media –…

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Episode #51 – The Pitfalls of Building Your Own Squarespace Site

Some business owners and individuals say they’re going to build their own site through a builder like Squarespace. Here’s the reality of it: Expertise – Think of the time you set up your accounting or setting up the business paperwork – Understanding and creating a site that delivers the message of the business – Government…

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