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Episode #64 – Productivity Tech Tips: Calendar

I see a lot of people not use any sort of calendar system and for those that do, they’re only using 10% of it. Here are some ways and tools to do more: – Use GSuite or O365 and sync the calendar with all your devices (laptop, smartphone, tablets) – Schedule meetings on the spot…

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Episode #62 – What Can Website Analytics Tell You?

Surprisingly I’ve seen sites that do not even track their analytics. Why not? It’s free and has so much valuable data with Google Analytics! – # of hits, duration, and at what point do they typically leave – What devices they’re using – Location of your visitors (all the way down to the city) –…

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Episode #61 – What makes your company special?

For Design Source Media, it’s that one thing we focus on and that’s websites. We don’t try to do everything under the sun. Over time, this may expand into other things. So for a business, we should carefully consider what makes your company special.

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Episode #60 – What a website can do for your business.

Some people I meet think that a website is just to market the business, but there is so much more it can do. – Hiring / Careers – Questioneers / Surveys – Legal Documentation – Buy and Sell Products and Services – Training – Client Management – News and Updates – Learn more about your…

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