4 Best Meeting Tools That You Must Have

Doing meetings online is not easy as what you think, it is hard to conduct a meeting online rather than a face-to-face meeting, before joining in a meetings you should assure first that you have a strong internet connection, a good quality of camera and audio so that you can easily understand what is being discussed in meeting,  so here is the list of the 4 Best  Meeting Tools that you must have:

1. Adobe Connect Pro

This application is the second to the most used remote tools in business industry, but unlike the other applications or software, this one is more difficult to use because it is not for the beginner user because a lot of features, by the use of this application you can create polls and video chat conference, this is a great software if you will accommodate a large number of participants because it can accommodate up to 200 participants. Adobe did not publish the price of this application because it depends on the licensing model chosen.

How to use Adobe Connect Pro?

● Log on to Adobe Connect with your username and password.

● After you login your account, click the Meeting tab, and then click the New Meeting, you will see a fill-up form for the meeting that you want to set, such as; Name of your Meeting, Custom URL (this will be the link that lets your attendees easily access to your meeting”, skip the ‘Summary’, ‘Start Time’ and Duration.

● Do not include any audio conference with this meeting, under the ‘Audio Conference Setting’.

2. TeamViewer

One thing that is good about this application is that it is free and easy to use, it is a good application if ever you have to troubleshoot a computer because it has a feature of share screen where the other user can manipulate your computer, For example, you have a virtual presentation, you don’t need to send your PowerPoint slides to each and everyone on the meeting because you have a screen share feature, by the use of TeamViewer you can share laptop screen and you can easily explain it to them easily, while you are sharing what is on your laptop screen you can still
see each other’s faces. TeamViewer is also free to download to your mobile devices for both iOS and Android.

How to use TeamViewer?

● Enter your account to sign in, and then you can simply arrange your meeting by just clicking the ‘Schedule A Meeting’ button

● You can click the ‘Start Instant Meeting’ button and then enter the details about the meeting that you want to set (Time. Meeting ID, Password to assure that only those attendees that you expect to join will be the only attendees on your meeting)

3. Fuze

Fuze is free to use application and it is perfect for small business who don’t want to spend a lot of money for web conferencing software. It can accommodate up to 25 participants per meeting. If ever you need to upgrade to the Pro version of Fuze you can add a few dollars per month for this video recording feature, whenever that there is a need for you to video record the conference.

How to use Fuze?

● Launch the Fuze application and then sign in your account, if you don’t have one yet, register first and you will receive a confirmation letter on your email.

● If you want to set up a meeting, then simply click the “Schedule Meeting” at the bottom of your screen, then select a time and date of your meeting to start and end, and the invite your attendees by simply entering their email address in the box.

4. Microsoft Office Live Meeting

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a software that is already installed on your Windows computers or laptops, so there is no need for you to pay to use it. This application is allotted for Microsoft it cannot be downloaded or installed on other operating systems such as; Mac OS X and Solaris but you can use the web-based Live Meeting to connect.

How To Use Microsoft Office Live Meeting?

● If you want to start a meeting click ‘Meet Now’ and if you want to join a meeting just click type the ‘Meeting ID’

● To create a meeting invitation, go to ‘Conferencing’ menu and the select ‘Schedule a Live Meeting’, ‘Live Meeting Service.’