7 Ways to Improve Customer Service

By admin.dsm | Oct 2, 2018


1) Listen more

It’s always difficult to listen and truly understand what the other person is saying when they are talking or their mind wanders off. It’s important to know just stay quiet and listen to what the customer is saying but also being able to respond effectively. As a web development consultant, there are many requests and not all the time do the customers know what they want.

2) Don’t Wait, Respond Quickly

There is very little reason to keep a customer waiting. Even if there is no immediate answer, it’s nice to let the customer know where they are at. When customers are in the dark, they can make up their own scenarios and it’s usually not in a good light. I do my best to respond as soon as I can and I have noticed that the customers that give us the biggest praise are the ones that we responded to quickly.

3) Explain the situation

We all live in this imperfect world and things happen. Most customers do not expect perfection. It helps to explain the situation and to let the customer involve in the solution. Who knows, they may let you know that the timeline/milestone is actually flexible. Without explaining the situation, they won’t be able to help you. Being in web development, it isn’t as simple as making a sandwich. Not everyone knows nor do I expect them to know everything about it. So it is important for me to explain everything as clear as possible. This helps build confidence and trust with our customers.

4) Admit the mistakes

We all have made mistakes. It’s not about pride or ego. Put that all away. If there was an error, then admit to it and follow it up with a solution. It is never easy to admit a mistake. It is better to admit to a mistake and move on a solution rather than trying to hide or ignore it. When I make a mistake, one of the first things I think about is “was this my fault and if it was, I need to own up to it”. Then, I look at it as “how could I have prevented this and what should I do next time”.

5) Do more than expected

As they say, under-promise and over deliver. These little unexpected positive things go along away over time. Getting a customer something extra, such as working on something even though it wasn’t on the list of requirements go a long way. There have been times when doing something wouldn’t directly increase our revenue. Even though there’s not a quantifiable way, I have noticed customers talking about these little things with joy and that’s more important.

6) Ask for feedback

Customers are what build the business. Without customers, there is no business. So it is important to listen to what they’re asking for and how it can be improved. Who knows, their pains and requests may be similar to a lot of other customers. Also, it’s nice to have an outside perspective on the business. It’s rare to receive feedback sometimes, so make sure to appreciate any feedback that is received no matter how negative it may be. We send out a survey after every big project. We learn a lot from these surveys and we were able to make some major changes through it. Our surveys aren’t complicated, we have an email template with a link to Google Forms.

7) More than just work

Finally, customers are people. They have family, friends, and have different hobbies just like us. So get to know them as a person or friend. I am so thankful for the amazing friends I have made so far and they started as customers.

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