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On this article, you will see all of the best Analytic Tools used by the marketers nowadays. This will help those who are interested to compare and select the best tools for their business. Remember that when you are choosing the right tool for your business it should have an advanced feature so that it can easily do its work for you like combing data sources, checking the metrics of the different departments of a company, the external data (social media channels and emails), so on this article, I will not let your head-hurts giving you so many options, I will give
you the Top 5 Greatest Analytics Tools that you must have:


Sisense is one of the leading Business Intelligence that won a Best Business Intelligence Software for the year 2016 from the FinancesOnline and this is also the application that has a
good review feedbacks making it more popular in the business software industry. By the help of this application simplifies the complex data and analyses it with a very useful and huge data insights, even startups, and small companies can access to it. What also made this Sisense become the greatest BI of all time is because it is not pricey. The users can enjoy this tool because it is very efficient to use of in-chip technology that makes the database process 10 times faster than the traditional systems.

What are the Features of Sisense?  

● Easy to understand visualization
● Can easily export data to PDF, Excel, Images, CSV and other formats
● Enable to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics
● Embed entire dashboards or individual widgets
● Intuitive ‘script-less’ user interface
● Drag-and-drop user interface
● It has data unification
● It has data mash-ups



If you’ve had enough with the analytics tools that are giving you a headache because it is hard to use, well this Business Intelligence tool is very useful if you are currently searching for an easy-to-use and user-friendly application. Targit has a unique interface and very intuitive, by using this application, all the features that you need is one click away using this if you want to create dashboards and analyzation reports it will make your life easier among the other Business Intelligence out there on the market.


What are the Features of  Targit?

● Ad Hoc Analysis
● Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)
● Predictive Analytics
● Profit Analysis
● Trend Indicators
● Ad Hoc Reporting
● Automatic Scheduled Reporting
● Customizable Dashboard
● Data mashups within a single application
● Data governance capability
● New visualization options
● Enhanced mobile functionality
● Ability to work with the embedded TARGIT Anywhere client from any platform


This application is very helpful for your company when you are doing a data solution visualization, even you are a small business or a large enterprise. Vismatica helps you empowers your data collection forms and easily conduct a data analysis about it. Vismatica also has an additional feature if you download it, such as the web design and the documents sharing features.

What are the Features of Vismatica? 

● Profit Analysis
● Trend Indicators
● Customizable Dashboards



This application is very intuitive because it is just an Excel based solution, so there’s no need for you train or learn this tool because it is just self-explanatory if you are an employee and you have a knowledge of Excel you can easily learn this app. Clear Analytics allows you to generate, automate, analyze and visualize a company’s key data and information. Clear Analytics also enables consolidation of data from multiple data sources and all within excel.

What are the Features of Clear Analytics? 

● Performance metrics
● Report generation
● Dashboard creation
● Graphical data presentation
● Key Performance Indicators
● Problem Indication
● Strategic planning
● Predictive analysis


Board ToolKit combines the various functionalities of BI and CPM within a single environment. This application’s BI capabilities include a multidimensional analysis, dashboarding and reporting, ad hoc querying, while its CPM capabilities include budgeting, planning, and forecasting.

What are the Features of Board Management Intelligence Toolkit? 

● Data discovery and analysis
● Planning
● Simulation
● Reporting
● Dashboarding
● Predictive and advanced analytics
● Scorecarding
● MS Office integration

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