Are Your Facebook Posting Habits Harming Your Business?

Having a Facebook page is pretty much a must-have for businesses these days. Whether you’re a Facebook veteran or rookie, make the most of your social networking by avoiding these common mistakes that do a company more harm than good.

1. Way too Much Text

Would you stop to read paragraphs upon paragraphs? Of course not, so don’t expect anyone who is scrolling through their news feed on their down time to read anything lengthy, especially in comparison to the easy one or two line posts everyone else is sharing.

2. Including Multiple Links

I personally don’t see a need for more than one link in a posting. It will just make the post look cluttered and messy, discouraging people to click on any of the links at all. If you need to share more than one link, simply make more than one post.

3. Flooding News-feeds with Too Many Ads

People get bombarded with ads enough constantly throughout the day. Commercials, billboards, radio and web ads just name a few. They are following you because they already like your brand and what you stand for, don’t risk sending them to the unfollow button because you are blatantly posting ad after ad. Of course, it is more than okay to share any specials or promotions you have running, just be creative! Try an exclusive Facebook offer. That way, you provide some value to your followers and still get your product or service promotion.

4. Not Responding to Negative Comments

Nobody likes to be ignored. If someone reaches out to you via social media, (even with a negative comment or experience) it is a good thing because they took the time to come to you with their concern. You should not delete their comment and sweep it under the rug, ignoring it altogether. Handle the situation with the same attention you would give them had they called or came into your place of business.


If others are on your page and see you graciously handling negative feedback and correcting problems, they will see you as a real person and think of your company as one that truly cares.

5. Begging for Likes and Shares

Asking to “like” and share posts can come across as desperate. However, there are ways around this! The common mistake beginners make is just flat out asking or telling the audience to share without anything motivating them to do so. If you use some creativity, you can spark a conversation that will not only engage your followers but bring others into the mix as well. One way to do this is to pose a yes or no question, and tell the audience to comment for yes, and share for no or vice versa.

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