ASUS Chromebook C302CA Tech Review

ASUS is known for its durable and unique designs of their laptops and mobile devices, in fact, their latest release and their first entry into Chromebook space ASUS Chromebook C302CA is on the first list created by TechRadar about The Best Laptop of 2017 and the most cheapest Chromebook in the market today. Today we will be doing an in-depth  ASUS Chromebook C302CA Tech Review, let us see if it is worth your money.

Realistic Screen Display

No time to go to a cinema but you want to watch a movie? No problem!  here is ASUS Chromebook C302A that has 1920 x 1080 pixel panel that gives you a realistic color, crisp images, and solid brightness that let you feel that you are already on the scene where you see exploding cars in the movie “Fast and the Furious”.


You can jive all day long to your favorite “Justin Bieber” songs! The audio is a blast, you can clearly hear the bass, drums, cymbals and the vocals giving you a feeling that you are really on their concert.

Satisfying Performance

Goodbye RockChip Processor! This year ASUS wants to level this device to their top competitors so they used an Intel Core M3 Processor along with a 4GB of RAM rather than a usual RockChip Processor to make its performance fast and smooth. Opening a multitude application is not a problem anymore, in my experience I always open my Slack and Google Chome while editing my Promotional Videos and doing my Web Analytic Reports and I have noticed there is no decreasing of its speed.

No Heats Not!

Using this device for a long period of time is not a problem. No need to point a fan on your laptop just to make sure that it will not overheat because it does not heat quickly even if you open a multitude number of apps or you are using it for a long time.

Camera Quality

For a laptop camera quality, 0.9 megapixels is not that bad, in fact whenever I have a client meeting they always say that the quality of my camera is good because it is not that grainy and blurred.

Keyboard, TouchScreen, TouchPad Are Wonderful!

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What else can I say about Keyboard, TouchScreen, and TouchPad? it’s absolutely WONDERFUL! This is the most responsive and fastest touchscreen and touchpad device as of today! The keyboard is a brushed aluminum finished that makes your typing experience comfortable and also features an elegant backlight. The keyboard also features an elegant backlighting that makes nightwork easy on the eyes. I truthfully cannot say enough about the expertise of craftsmanship that went into this keyboard. and another good thing about the keyboard is it is IT IS SMUDGE RESISTANT!

Battery Life

Based on experience, Chromebook Flip can last up to 8 hours of web browsing and with multitude number of applications opened. This device will not give you a headache of searching for an outlet to plug it in and charge every other 3 hours.

Less Price! Priceless!

For a price of $460 with an elegant keyboard, a good screen display, a good camera and a solid battery life, Asus Chromebook C302CA is an exceptional piece of hardware that delivers on all fronts for an on the go lifestyle. I would give it a hearty recommendation as a marvelous bang for your buck epic piece of gear!