Business Travel: What I Bring to Stay Connected

By admin.dsm | Oct 2, 2018


Japan, Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion Temple)

As I am writing this I’m headed to South Korea then Japan for my honeymoon.  Traveling can be fun but also stressful at times as a business owner; jet lag, diets, time differences, slow/no internet, limited phone access, etc. So here are some items I pack in my bag during my travels.

Surface Pro 4

This has to be one of my favorite devices.


  • Very light
  • Good battery life
  • Little to no noise
  • Touchscreen and a pen
  • Double as a tablet
  • Good display
  • Good sound


  • Not as powerful as some of the larger laptops
  • Limited ports (only 1 usb port) – You’ll need to get a USB hub for more ports
  • Uses a mini displayport – I carry a MiniDP to VGA, MiniDP to DVI, MiniDP to HDMI

Where to buy:

I recommend going at least the i5 with 8GB of RAM


Mouse: Razer Chroma or Microsoft Sculpt

I interchange between the two.

Razer Chroma


  • Wired
  • Comfortable
  • 2 Side buttons


  • Wired / Not Bluetooth

Microsoft Sculpt


  • Wireless Bluetooth
  • Does not take up the USB port
  • Comfortable
  • Batteries last a long time


  • Only 1 side button and uses a swap feature
  • Batteries

Where to Buy:

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Mouse –

Microsoft Sculpt Mouse –

Timbuk2 Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 is one of my favorite brands for bags. I have both the messenger bag and the backup. For trips, I bring the backpack.


  • Made in San Francisco
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Sturdy (hasn’t ripped on me yet)


  • More expensive

Where to Buy:

Google Pixel + Google Fi

My Pixel can do pretty much 80% of my work; Gmail, Google Drive, Teamwork, Skype, and others. I use the camera feature a lot for saving great memories and receipts.

Google Fi supports over 135 countries. What this means is that there is a charge per minute and it costs differently for each country. However, the wifi stays the same. It is still $10/Gb. Calls through wifi is still free and same with text messaging.


  • Android
  • Fast
  • High-quality Phone
  • Reliable service
  • No need to buy sim cards for the country
  • Data is based on exact usage


  • Expensive
  • Data is based on exact usage

Where to buy:

BESTEK Voltage Converter Kit

I bring this when I travel internationally.


  • Plenty of outlets and USB charging
  • Easy to add different adapters


  • Can get noisy
  • Bigger than just a simple converter

Where to Buy:

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