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Episode #40 – What Happened To My Childhood… Stores?!

In recent news, Toys R Us and Sears went or are going bankrupt. What happened and can we learn from their mistakes? Toys R Us Amazon wasn’t the problem. They walked into the lion’s mouth. Kept borrowing and interests were way too high. Living on borrowed money. Ran out of Cash. Sears Online stores and…

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Episode #39 – Coming Up with a Business Name

  Thinking about starting your business and you need to come up with a catchy name? Here are some things to do to help. Ideas of Names: Check if the name is available on Social Media: Check if the name is available to be registered:

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Episode #37 – Email Hosting

  There are tons of different Email Hosting Options for your business out there, and I am not just going to talk about the FREE ONES, like Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL, DON’T DO THOSE THINGS! Email solutions out there: 1. Self Hosted emails which you can get from either GoDaddy or a different hosting provider…

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Episode #36 – Overcoming FEARs as a Business Owner

As a business owner, there’s a lot of FEARS that we go through. Fears that make you ask yourself questions such as: 1. Did I make the Right Call? 2. Are we moving in the Right Direction? 3. Did I hire the right person? It really never gets easier, there are always new things, challenges,…

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Episode #35 – What is a Website Backlink?

    What are website backlinks? Think of them as referrals for your website. It is when websites linked back to your site. Aim to obtain backlinks that are related to your website that have “High Authority” such as: 1. Sites that have been established for a while 2. Sites that are credible 3. Sites…

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Episode #33 – Adding Value To Your Business

When you want to increase the value of your business, you might ask yourself…how can I differentiate my business from others or how can I increase my pricing? Here are just some few tips on how to increase/add more value to your business: 1. Figure out the needs of your customers and how to effectively…

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