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Episode #64 – Productivity Tech Tips: Calendar

I see a lot of people not use any sort of calendar system and for those that do, they’re only using 10% of it. Here are some ways and tools to do more: – Use GSuite or O365 and sync the calendar with all your devices (laptop, smartphone, tablets) – Schedule meetings on the spot…

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Episode #61 – What makes your company special?

For Design Source Media, it’s that one thing we focus on and that’s websites. We don’t try to do everything under the sun. Over time, this may expand into other things. So for a business, we should carefully consider what makes your company special.

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Episode #47 – Losing Your Developer

It’s never good losing a developer that helps manages your business website. Here are some points in case this happens to you: – Make sure you have administrative logins – Documentation and/or Training of your site – Hire an agency Have you personally experienced losing a developer? Share us your experience in the comment section…

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Episode #45 – Water Cooler Effect

A simple way to increase your workers’ overall productivity by 10-15% and make them happier? – Increased Cohesion (How well the group of friends is networking together) – More productive – More access to people Now imagine if you can do this for your team. What if you can do it for yourself too? Jonathan…

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Let’s Talk More About Objectives and Key Results for DSM

Before we begin discussing about Design Source Media’s timeline and the process for Objectives and Key Results. Our agenda for this article will be a brief example of a football team’s Objective and Key Results, the timeline of events, and how to set and score the system. However, if all this sounds confusing to you…

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All of us wants our business to be successful that is why the competition of the companies is intensely growing up especially today that we are living in the digital age, all of the people have an access to the internet which will make the business owners to easily promote and grow their business. Maybe you…

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Leveling up your business podcast

Oh, so you’re here? I think I just caught your attention for a second on the title of this blog, maybe you are thinking why it is “Podcast Starter Pack”, the reason for this is just simple, last month (August) Design Source Media launched its first ever podcast program entitled Leveling Up Your Business which is hosted by…

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