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15 Common Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

The digital world is full of terms that sometimes it becomes a little bit overwhelming. With words like conversions, and acronyms like SEO is thrown in conversations, you can feel left out. To help you catch up, below is the list of common digital marketing terms you need to know. 1. Bounce Rate In terms…

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Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Profiles

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the difference of having a facebook page vs having a personal profile. In this video, I’ll explain the benefits of a Facebook business page vs. a personal profile. We would love to know your thoughts, share them at the comment section below!

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Asking for Reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp

Here are easy ways to ask customers to review your social media pages. Facebook: There is a dedicated page for reviews, once there, the customer can select to review the page. It’ll say something like “Do you recommend [Company]? YES | NO”   Format:[PAGENAME]/reviews/ Example:    Google: This one is a little tricky.…

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3 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Website and Get More Traffic

Powerful ways to promote a website - article

Are you ready to put that beautiful website to work for your business? Contrary to popular opinion, your website shouldn’t be an expense on your balance sheet. It’s an asset that should be adding value to your bottom line. The key to a successful website is to make it a destination place that offers so…

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5 Secrets No One Tells You to Increase Website Traffic

Did you spend a lot of money on a website that is a traffic wasteland? Should you spend money to upgrade your website and wander into the unknown or stay in your comfort zone with what you have even though it’s marginal at best? For many business owners and entrepreneurs, justifying the cost to move…

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How to Avoid the Traps of Digital Marketing That Lead to Poor Sales

Digital marketing is full of traps that can lead to poor sales, cash flow, and reduced profitability. At some point, almost everyone has felt the sting of overpromises of digital marketing, especially if you are bootstrapping and trying to grow your business out of your own pocket. Do you hire more salespeople who are willing…

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How Pokemon Go Could Be Earning You Money

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now, you’ve truly been living under a rock. This smartphone location-based augmented reality game is the latest and biggest craze to hit the markets in recent years, surpassing some of the largest apps – including Facebook and Twitter – in engagement, downloads, and popularity in the short…

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How Can Startups Use the Power of Social Media

As a startup company, you would want to have as much exposure as you can get for your business. In today’s time where everyone is always online, being visible in different social media platforms is a great place to start. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest – these are all proven to help…

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Common Mistakes Everyone Makes on Twitter at Least Once

Common Mistakes Everyone makes on twitter at least once - Article

This whole social media scene can be tricky. The different platforms can be overwhelming. As soon as you mastered Facebook; Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pop up out of nowhere. Twitter is a different beast all together, where the old saying “less is more” means everything. Don’t let it scare you off completely though, I was…

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