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EASY- How to make a document template in Google Docs!

Having a template can make our lives so easy, they save us time and help us retain our company branding. G Suite users get their own template gallery, where they can submit their Google Docs, Slides and sheets templates and let their users use it to quickly create documents with their company branding. Do you…

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Undo a Reconciliation in Quickbooks Online

This was superrr annoying. Something so simple shouldn’t be so hard to find. I’ve spent time figuring this out so you don’t have to. Here are the simple steps: Go to settings > Manage Users Select Accounting Firms Send yourself an invite (but use a different email address) Open it in chrome using the incognito…

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How to Display Timezones/ World Clock on Google Calendar

In Google Calendar: Click Settings and go to Settings. Scroll to World Clock and select the Show world clock box. Click Add Time Zone to show your current time zone. Click Add Time Zone again to add more time zones. The World Clock then shows the current time and then adjusts to the time when…

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How to Setup your render settings for Youtube under 3 MINUTES!

A lot of people underestimate the final step in video editing. There is still misunderstanding when it comes to rendering files using the Adobe Premiere, especially that Premiere already provides plenty of choices of useful export settings. Tweaking and customizing them further is better to get the highest quality possible seems to be the most…

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Easy Steps on How to Set-up Recovery Files in Photoshop and Illustrator

Have you experience working hard on your designs all night then suddenly your Photoshop/ Illustrator suddenly crashes? You don’t have to do it all over again cause we got you covered!   Photoshop Steps:     Go to Menu Bar > Edit     Preference >  File Handling     Image Preview > Always Save     File Extensions ( this will serve…

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