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Episode #51 – The Pitfalls of Building Your Own Squarespace Site

Some business owners and individuals say they’re going to build their own site through a builder like Squarespace. Here’s the reality of it: Expertise – Think of the time you set up your accounting or setting up the business paperwork – Understanding and creating a site that delivers the message of the business – Government…

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How to Avoid A Frustrating Web Design Horror Story

Are reviews enough to determine if a web design or development agency is a good fit? Over the years, many business owners and entrepreneurs have shared horror stories of their experiences with web designers or agencies. Some things I’ve heard include:   Some web designers spend more time arguing with those who hire them instead…

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What is a Membership Site?

A membership site is a website that provides special access or content to users that are members of the website. Usually, there is some sort of requirement to enter. Some of the requirements may include one or more of these points; account creation, payment, and invite only. Think of being a member at Costco. Before being…

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When do I Need to Redesign my Website?

The information you provide online changes faster than it would be if it was in print. Due to the accessibility and mutability of the internet, any information gets easily fixed when there is an error and updated when there is new information available. With this kind of fast-paced orientation, the information that you put in your…

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How Much Does a Website Cost?

Have you ever been looking to make changes to your website, ask a few developers for a quote, then get sticker shock from the price? Sure, you may have a budget or a certain number in your head you would like to stick to, and that’s more than okay, but it would help if you…

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