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5 Key Benefits of Having a Website for your Business

Having a website is essential in today’s ever-evolving world especially for small businesses. If you’re planning to have a lot of customers, you’ll be needing an online presence. Why? To give your clients information in a click of a button. Being able to have your own website for your company increases chances of visibility and…

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Google Chrome Flags all HTTP sites “Not Secured”

Google worked on something that they would want their users to feel secure. Last year, Google has officially warned website owners who are not identified as an HTTPs (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) site would have their site identified as a non-secured website. Moving toward encryption by default is a monumental change for the Web.…

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Episode #62 – What Can Website Analytics Tell You?

Surprisingly I’ve seen sites that do not even track their analytics. Why not? It’s free and has so much valuable data with Google Analytics! – # of hits, duration, and at what point do they typically leave – What devices they’re using – Location of your visitors (all the way down to the city) –…

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Episode #60 – What a website can do for your business.

Some people I meet think that a website is just to market the business, but there is so much more it can do. – Hiring / Careers – Questioneers / Surveys – Legal Documentation – Buy and Sell Products and Services – Training – Client Management – News and Updates – Learn more about your…

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Episode #51 – The Pitfalls of Building Your Own Squarespace Site

Some business owners and individuals say they’re going to build their own site through a builder like Squarespace. Here’s the reality of it: Expertise – Think of the time you set up your accounting or setting up the business paperwork – Understanding and creating a site that delivers the message of the business – Government…

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3 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Website and Get More Traffic

Powerful ways to promote a website - article

Are you ready to put that beautiful website to work for your business? Contrary to popular opinion, your website shouldn’t be an expense on your balance sheet. It’s an asset that should be adding value to your bottom line. The key to a successful website is to make it a destination place that offers so…

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Is a Blog a Legitimate Lead Generation Tool?

Is a blog a legitimate lead generation tool

It’s an age-old question… should you be blogging to create leads for your business? After all, you’ve been told that Google loves blog articles. Here is an interesting fact, according to over 3 million blog posts are published and 3.5 billion Google searches are made on the Internet every day. That’s staggering! That means…

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How to Avoid A Frustrating Web Design Horror Story

Are reviews enough to determine if a web design or development agency is a good fit? Over the years, many business owners and entrepreneurs have shared horror stories of their experiences with web designers or agencies. Some things I’ve heard include:   Some web designers spend more time arguing with those who hire them instead…

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5 Secrets No One Tells You to Increase Website Traffic

Did you spend a lot of money on a website that is a traffic wasteland? Should you spend money to upgrade your website and wander into the unknown or stay in your comfort zone with what you have even though it’s marginal at best? For many business owners and entrepreneurs, justifying the cost to move…

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