Common Mistakes Everyone Makes on Twitter at Least Once

This whole social media scene can be tricky. The different platforms can be overwhelming. As soon as you mastered Facebook; Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr pop up out of nowhere. Twitter is a different beast altogether, where the old saying “less is more” means everything. Don’t let it scare you off completely though, I was an avid Facebook user and fully against Twitter before, but once I got into it for a previous job, I began to favor it over my prior network.

We already shared some of the most common Facebook Posting Mistakes, but here is some advice for you tailored specifically with Twitter in mind!

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1. Tweeting “Buy this Product”

You can do better than this! You can obviously promote your products and services, just use some creativity. No need to just broadcast ad after ad to your followers. The whole point of social media, and hopefully the reason you are there, is the INTERACTION.

2. Begging for Followers

Once again, you ARE better than this. Your following will grow steadily the longer you are on the network and the more you engage with your audience. If you have to resort to begging for followers, or simply following a massive of group of people in the hopes a few may follow you back, you will not be getting the quality followers you want.

3. Making Tweets Too Long

You may be a bit nervous about fitting what you want to say into the 140 character limit Twitter has, especially if you are new to this format. You will get better at editing down what needs to be said and leaving out what doesn’t need to be added, which will turn out great for you since research has shown that the most effective tweets (the ones that get more responses and attention) are actually under 100 characters. This is simply because it gives users more room to retweet the post and @mention others.

4. Not Responding to @mentions

Please don’t be one of those companies that does not check their @connects and neglects to reply to those who take the time to tweet you. Twitter is a great platform to communicate, don’t underutilized it. Many people are checking their Twitter notifications more than their emails. You don’t want to miss out on potential business because you’re ignoring those reaching out to you.

5. Tweeting the Same Tweet All Day

Nothing will make you look like a spam account faster than tweeting the same exact post multiple times, not even taking the time to change up what you are saying. If there is one specific event or promotion you want to keep pushing, that is okay. Just be sure to switch up the wording each time. One trick that helps me is to think what would grab my attention, then put that in to grab the attention of others.

6. Too Many Hashtags

I know, at first, hash-tagging is fun and exciting. You are tempted to hashtag every other word of your post, I’ll admit I was when I first started on Twitter. That is because using too many hashtags is perhaps the most common mistake among Twitter users, regardless of if the user has had the account for one year or one week. Bottom line, too many hashtags make your update difficult to read and shows you are not focusing your message to any particular topic and are just hoping it lands somewhere.

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