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Question 1 of 4 Product Quality
*DSM was able to create a website/provide service that features the characteristics that meet the customer's needs and requirements. The website is reliable and performs all its functions smoothly.
Product Quality
Question 2 of 4 Communication
*DSM was able to communicate effectively, and explain the project thoroughly. They were also problem solvers and provided solutions based on the client's needs.
Question 3 of 4 Timeliness
*DSM was able to follow the strict timeline implemented during the start of the project. If there were any need to extend, they immediately informed the clients and was cautious of time.
Question 4 of 4 Flexibility
*DSM was able to satisfy client requests by going out-of-the-box and meeting halfway. They always strive to cater to the client's ideas and provide proactive solutions.

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