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Easy Steps on How to Set-up Recovery Files in Photoshop and Illustrator

By dsm.Admin | Feb 16, 2019


Have you experience working hard on your designs all night then suddenly your Photoshop/ Illustrator suddenly crashes? You don’t have to do it all over again cause we got you covered!




  1.     Go to Menu Bar > Edit
  2.     Preference >  File Handling
  3.     Image Preview > Always Save
  4.     File Extensions ( this will serve as the file name of the recovered data)  > Lowercase/ Uppercase
  5.     Check all options (Original Folder,   Save in Background, Automatically Save Recovery Information Every) Choose 5 mins
  6.     Below is the file compatibility leave it by default
  7.     Adobe Drive (Optional)
  8.     Recent File List Contains will depend on your preference.



  1.     Go to Menu Bar > Edit
  2.     Preference >  File Handling & Clipboard
  3.     Under Data Recovery> Check Automatically Save Recovery Entry
  4.     Below you’ll see an option on where you want to save it, choose where you are comfortable.
  5.     Check Turn off Data Recovery for complex document
  6.     Under files: you’ll see a number of the recent file to display, it will  also depend on your preference
  7.     Leave the other settings by default

These are the steps on how you can easily set-up recovery files in photoshop.

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