Episode #36 – Overcoming FEARs as a Business Owner

David Lee

Oct 9, 2018

As a business owner, there’s a lot of FEARS that we go through. Fears that make you ask yourself questions such as:
1. Did I make the Right Call?
2. Are we moving in the Right Direction?
3. Did I hire the right person?

It really never gets easier, there are always new things, challenges, and FEARS that we may have.
But what exactly is FEAR?

Fear stands for:

F- False
E- Evidence
A- Appearing
R- Real

A lot of times our brain tricks us into thinking that we have all these concerns that are not even real!

I would start by evaluating things, then do some research, work with other people, mentorship and most important of all is “FOLLOWING YOUR GUT.”

If you are wrong, NO BIG DEAL, we all make mistakes. What’s important are the lessons and experiences we get from it.

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