Episode #37 – Email Hosting

By David Lee | Nov 1, 2018

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There are tons of different Email Hosting Options for your business out there, and I am not just going to talk about the FREE ONES, like Yahoo, Gmail, or AOL, DON’T DO THOSE THINGS!

Email solutions out there:
1. Self Hosted emails which you can get from either GoDaddy or a different hosting provider where they packaged website hosting and email hosting together.
2. Services that are dedicated for emails like Microsoft Office 365 or G-Suite.

As a small business what I recommend starting off and even growing with are G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365. With these, You get a lot more than just emails!

The self-hosted environment requires more maintenance, because of self-management system for EMAIL compared to those services dedicated for emails like G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365.
It’s a small price to pay for only $5 per month per user for all the features you can get from it. SO YES, IT IS WORTH IT!


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