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Episode #51 – The Pitfalls of Building Your Own Squarespace Site

By David Lee | Feb 19, 2019

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Some business owners and individuals say they’re going to build their own site through a builder like Squarespace.

Here’s the reality of it:
– Think of the time you set up your accounting or setting up the business paperwork
– Understanding and creating a site that delivers the message of the business
– Government privacy and regulation. Such as GDPR.
– Learning about building a website vs. growing their business. If you’re a consultant, then focus on spending time finding more opportunities and building up the network.

– It will take a lot of time to build the site
– Time is better spent growing the business rather than building a site
– Time to update the site

– Lack of features or it would require custom development
– Limited Speed and Performance
– Not as much 3rd Party App Integration

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