On this blog I combined all the things that you need to know about a lead magnet, like what is a lead magnet, what makes a good lead magnet, the steps and some examples for you to have an idea, so its now time to lock your office door and start creating a lead magnet for the future of your company by following this GUIDE IN CREATING A LEAD MAGNET!

What is a Lead Magnet?

Basically, a lead magnet is something you give to your customer in exchange for getting their email address. For example, you are a company who is selling a product, so the best way caught the attention of your customer, is to give them some of your products for free, same thing if you are selling your services, you should give your customer a free guide such as; blogs/articles or an instructional video related to the environment of your company.

Lead Magnets Requirements:

  • It must be related to the nature of your company.
  • Make sure that it is high quality and realistic.
  • It should have solution/s to your customer’s problem/s.
  • Make it easy to understand, don’t use complicated words.

Why is it important?

A lead magnet is important if you want to increase your website traffic and if you want to more customers. No one can resist a free food, a discounted item, or hacks that make their lives a lot easier. If you can do a good offer, you can also gain more subscribers, and then if you gain more subscribers, these people can be your potential customers.

How long does it take to do a lead magnet?

Doing a lead magnet just only requires you at most 2 to 3 days, remember that this is not a month long or even a week-long project, especially if this is the first lead magnet that you’re going to create, don’t focus too much on your lead magnet! I don’t want to freak you out! but this is not your first and last lead magnet that you are going to create, maybe you are going to create (you really are) 2 or more in the future and they are going to evolve over the time.

Where can I create a lead magnet for free?

Actually, there are many free tools that you can use out there, and there are also different mediums and platforms you can use in creating a lead magnets, but the two most common material is the video and photo, this is where you can harvest a lot of customers and traffic on your website, below is the complete lists of the best tools you can use for free to help you do your lead magnet.

For photo lead magnets:

  1.  Canva 
  2. Beacon 

For video lead magnets:

  1. Meeting Burner
  2. Tech Smith

Can you show me some example of a lead magnets?

1. Hacks


Who can resist this kind of offer that is making your complicated life easy? This is one of the most famous lead magnets nowadays and I can say that is very effective most especially to people who want to be successful in just a snap of a finger.

2. Discounts and Free

3. Toolkit


Feel like a pro and work like a pro is the motif of this lead magnet. This is most commonly used in information companies who are selling their software.

4. Recipes


Admit it or not, everyone wants to learn how to cook even some of us are worst at cooking. I can say that this is a good way to gain more subscribers and customers. Think of it! You are helping people on how to properly cook and at the same time you are gaining more subscribers, chances are people will look forward on your contents or maybe they will buy your recipe book (if you’re selling one).

5. E-Course


Why should you do a research or buy a book if you can just simply check-out your email and there is someone who the can teach you? With a catchy title and a infographics, BOOM! More subscribers! Easy as that!

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