How to Schedule Posts on your Facebook Page

By admin.dsm | Mar 21, 2016

For business owners, may it be a startup or not, it’s important to keep your social media accounts up-to-date aside from your website. In one of the previous articles we published entitled “How Can Startups Use the Power of Social Media“, we discussed the importance of social media and how great, effective, and proven it is as a marketing tool.

Facebook being the top most popular social media site today, it’s one of the most used to market one’s products and services. Today, we’re sharing a 30-second video on how you can schedule posts on your Facebook page. With your busy schedule as an entrepreneur, I’m sure you no longer have the time to post updates and share cool ideas/articles relevant to your business. This simple and easy to-do task will help you save time and will help keep your page up-to-date and your customers constantly interacting with your page.

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