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Leveling up your business podcast

Oh, so you’re here? I think I just caught your attention for a second on the title of this blog, maybe you are thinking why it is “Podcast Starter Pack”, the reason for this is just simple, last month (August) Design Source Media launched its first ever podcast program entitled Leveling Up Your Business which is hosted by David Lee and Jamie Robert, all the research and based on our experience is packed and combined together on this blog, to help those small and medium enterprises start their own podcast program. As you go on reading this blog you learn How To Start A Podcast, and why it is important.

Before starting your own podcast you should be passionate about what you are doing because at first you do not know who will listen to your podcast or is there anyone who will choose to listen to your podcast, but you should be passionate, dedicated, goal-oriented, and lastly a good equipment and software to start your own podcast, so if you planning to start your own podcast, get a paper NOW! and list down all of these helpful:

1. Know your Target Audience


Leveling Up Your Business (DSM podcast) target audience is the small and medium enterprises, before we start our podcast it goes to the process of knowing who is our target audience, by knowing who is your target audience and listener is very important, you should know first who will be your target be your target audience, of course, you should first know who will listen to your program, without an audience your program is like a plant that is lack of sunlight and water, in short dead! so if you already knew who will be your target audience it is now easy for you to create good content on your program is just easy.

2. Consistent updating your podcast

It’s just normal at the first airing of your podcast that you only have a few amount of listeners, always remember that you are just starting, your goal, for now, is to gain an amount of listeners, so how will you that? think this way, you are just like joining a raffle “the more entry, the more chances of winning”, consistent updating your podcast content the more listeners you will gain. Our podcast just starting, we only have plenty of listeners on our first episode, but we didn’t stop, we don’t give up because we are aiming for the best, we are aiming for more, we set a goal that we wanted to achieve

3. High-Quality equipment

This is the third most important thing that you need to get serious on, I mean what’s the sense of your podcast if you don’t have a good quality how can you attract a listener, how can you attract a lister if your podcast sounds like a broken radio of equipment if you really want to increase the amount number of your listener, so I know what you are thinking,  you might ask me what equipment can I recommend? Don’t worry fam I got you! These are the equipment that we (DSM) are using that we can recommend to you that you should buy the next time you go shopping:

  • Microphone 
  • Pop Filter 
  • Boom 
  • Headphones 

4. Insert an Opening Billboard

Image result for podcast intro

The listeners is listening to the first 30 seconds of your show, if they find it boring, they will just close their internet tab and never comeback to visit your program again, so you need to assure that your Opening Billboard (OBB/Intro) is catchy, this will help you to introduce your program, you are putting this before your program starts and after your program, so that the listeners know what program are they listening and what it is all about.

                   Check this out: Why OBB/Intro is important

5. Put some a bed/background music on your podcast

Although there is no rule that you should put a music, most of the podcast prefer to put a “bed” on their program, not just for professionalism but also to avoid the boredom of your listeners.

6. Invite an expert/guest on your program

Expert plays a big role on your podcast, because they are the source of information and the host/s are just the secondary source of info, you can have a live guest which can join you physically or you can have a guest via online, if you have a live guest well you’re not going to have a problem. Here on DSM most of our guest are from the far places, so we are more on online guests rather than a live guest,but before we start our podcast we have secure the strength of our internet connection and also we used the best online application which is Skypeit is a good application actually because it gives you satisfying sound quality and aside from that it is FREE TO USE!

7. A good sound editor


Podcast is recorded and it is not live compare to a radio program If you are looking for more basic sound editor application that you can, there is Wavepad, it is good for a starter like you, but if you want to explore and jump-in feels like a pro, you can use Adobe Audition, so for me ,as the sound editor of the of our podcast, I prefer using Adobe Audition because it has many features that I when I’m editing the raw files that we recorded, it is just easy to use and it has a nice interface. It’s up to you which editor will you use, below is the things that I have noticed while using these two sound editors.



  • Easy to install
  • Free to use
  • Useful features that make the audio editing process simple
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.


  •  No clear information on the limitations of trial version

Adobe Audition


  •  You can do a multitrack editing
  •  Easy to use
  •  Professional looking interface
  •  Quicker crossfade feature
  •  No need to download file extensions to export your file


  •  Expensive

8. You Need A Podcast Hosting Account


Now that you already edited your podcast you should find now a good podcast hosting where you can put it there, so here on DSM we are using Soundcloud and we upload there our podcast episodes, but you have many options to choose from, you can put your podcast on YouTube and Libsyn, these three media hosts are for free to use and people visited that site.



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