Episode 3

Is SEO Dead? Jake Tlapek on Navigating the New Marketing Battlefield



From navigating the new marketing battlefield in a post-SEO world to strategic ways to outsmart your competition, Jake Tlapek of The Wizard Marketing provides invaluable insights that are both actionable and thought-provoking. If you’re looking to scale your agency and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of social media, this episode is your mission-critical guide 🚀 #marketingmasters #jaketlapek #strategicmarketing #agencyscaling

Key Takeaways:
  • SEO is evolving, not dead.
  • Strategy is key in the new marketing landscape.
  • Project management skills are valuable in marketing.
  • TikTok is emerging as a lead generation platform.
  • Adaptability is crucial for agency success.
You’ll Learn:
  • How Jake transitioned from the military to marketing.
  • Why SEO is changing and what it means for agencies.
  • The role of project management in running an agency.
  • How to leverage TikTok for lead generation.
  • Tips for staying ahead of marketing trends.
  • Books on the evolving landscape of SEO.
  • Platforms for learning about new marketing trends.
  • Tools for project management in marketing agencies.

Jake Tlapek

Founder of The Wizard Marketing

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Jake Tlapek is the founder of The Wizard Marketing. He transitioned from a military background into the marketing world and specializes in SEO and project management.

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