Episode 6

Sarah Leonard Unveils ‘The Social Media Vault’ Program for Small Businesses



Struggling with social media for your small business? Sarah Leonard, owner of SQL Creative Strategy, unveils her game-changing program, ‘The Social Media Vault, a groundbreaking program designed to catapult small businesses into social media stardom’ in this must-watch episode!

Key Takeaways:
  • Sarah Leonard introduces ‘The Social Media Vault’ for small businesses.
  • The program aims for exponential growth via social media.
  • Sarah’s agency focuses on early-stage and small to medium-sized businesses.
  • The 90/10 rule is crucial for social media success.
  • Storytelling and marketing go hand-in-hand.
You’ll Learn:
  • How ‘The Social Media Vault’ can boost your business.
  • The importance of the 90/10 rule in social media.
  • Strategies for reaching your target audience.
  • How to pivot your business focus effectively.
  • Tips for freelancers working with agencies.
  • Books on social media strategies for small businesses.
  • Tools for effective social media management.
  • Platforms for learning about the 90/10 rule in social media.

Sarah Leonard

Owner of SQL Creative Strategy

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