Episode 1

The Hidden Challenges of Scaling Your Agency What I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago



In this first episode, I’ll share the hidden challenges of scaling an agency and what I wish I knew 10 years ago. Join me as we explore insights from experts that were hard to find a decade ago. If you’re an agency owner looking to grow, this is for you. Watch now! #AgencyChallenges #MarketingMasters

Key Takeaways:
  • Scaling an agency comes with hidden challenges.
  • Networking is crucial for agency growth.
  • Side projects can evolve into full-time agencies.
  • The choice between corporate and entrepreneurship is pivotal.
  • First-hand experiences offer valuable lessons.
You’ll Learn:
  • How to navigate the complexities of scaling an agency.
  • The importance of networking in the agency world.
  • How side gigs can turn into business opportunities.
  • The decision-making process between a corporate job and starting an agency.
  • The role of personal experiences in shaping business choices.
  • Networking platforms for agency owners.
  • Books on scaling agencies.
  • Chamber of Commerce for local business connections.
  • Podcasts featuring agency owners and experts.

Dave Lee

CEO of Design Source Media

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Dave Lee is the host and focuses on sharing his own experiences in this episode. He is the founder of his agency and brings years of experience in scaling and growing agencies to the table.

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