Strategic Recruiting Services

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Strategic Recruiting Services “I immediately felt the relief of stress because with the way you guys communicated and I was able to communicate back to the team and everyone else , it really took relief of the problems that we had prior to hiring Design Source Media” Shara Gunther President, Strategic Recruiting About Strategic…

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Spina Electric Co.

Spina Electric Co. “It was great, the whole process was smooth, there were no hick ups that we encountered. The website launched when we wanted to launch and any changes were made quickly” Keith Thome Information Systems Security Manager, Spina Electric Co. About Spina Electric Co. It was 1949 and industry was tooling up…

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Foreman Bros. Inc.

Foreman Bros Inc Logo - Design Source Media Client

Foreman Bros. Inc. “It was a great experience working with Design Source Media, very easy, met all the deadlines and they were on top of everything” Sara Tubbs Human Resource Manager,Foreman Bros. Inc About Foreman Bros. Inc. Foreman Bros. Inc. is a family owned and operated company providing transportation and networking solutions to the…

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UAW Local 160

UAW Local 160 “working with your company was a pleasure and very easy to work with and very supportive after the launch” Stephen Rawa Financial Secretary and Treasurer,UAW Local 160 About UAW Local 160 This organization supports its members by making sure all contracts are upheld and helping members with any problems to the…

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