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It was 1949 and industry was tooling up to meet post-World War II demand. Albert Spina opened the doors of his electric motor repair shop with the offering of good service and quality craftsmanship. Those commitments to resolving the needs of our customers first are two of the foundation stones upon which our business performs all these decades later. The third is technical expertise. By listening first and knowing which questions to ask, we learn your expectations and priorities. Our main goal is to do all we can to empower your success.


Spina Electric needed to update their website design and integrate their web development. They have problems with their brand exposure and search engine optimization. They also needed a few things to be resolved.


Giving them a distinct website design, also integrating their web development and attaching information that may result in more website traffic. By fixing their search engine optimization, Spina Electric gained more customers and according to their feedback, they have more clients visiting their shop because, through their website, contractors can determine if they have the services/products they need.

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"It was great, the whole process was smooth, there were no hick-ups that we encountered. The website launched when we wanted to launch and any changes were made quickly"

Keith Thome
Information Systems Security Manager
Spina Electric Co.

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