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At SRS, we are an outsource, recruiting and HR Firm for small and mid-size businesses. We take time to position our clients in the market so they can attract the right talent to their organization. We help you build your database of talent. Focusing on long term goals; we meet with our clients & all potential new employees to focus on finding the right hire. The new hire onboarding process is as critical to the hiring process as hiring the right person. Retention is part of the process to ensure our client's long-term success.


According to Strategic Recruiting, they have multiple individuals working on the website. Which became a problem, there were a lot of delays and miscommunications. Working with different people gave them trouble finding their brand style and the design, concept and web development connection.


We finally finished their website without any hassle, having a team of designers and web developers made it easy to function as one and in the result, we achieved to help Strategic Recruiting to have a links that work and avoided negative feedback on their company. Integrating their website to a user-friendly and unique design.

Original Website

"I immediately felt the relief of stress because with the way you guys communicated and I was able to communicate back to the team and everyone else, it really took relief of the problems that we had prior to hiring Design Source Media"

Shara Gunther
Strategic Recruiting Services

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