Search Engine Optimization: Some Basics to Learn

All types of businesses needs advertisement in order to attract clients and increase sales. One of the most common ways of advertising nowadays is through the internet. Since almost everyone uses internet everyday, there`s a higher chance for your business to gain attention. However, not all businesses are successful in reaching their target number of clients and amount of sales mainly because their advertisements do not have enough exposure or plainly not attractive at all. That`s when SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically a marketing strategy that optimizes a business’ website, ensuring higher number of visitors while gaining potential clients. In other words, it makes sure that your website gets more exposure on the internet, aiming for top rank in Google and other search engines that people most likely use to search. The more traffic your website gets, the higher the chance of sales increase.

1. How do you introduce your website in a search engine?

There are many ways to increase traffic using SEO methods. However, it is more effective that you do not directly advertise what you are offering; but just draw attention by giving relevant information that makes people get curious about your product and/or service. Posting an informative article while inserting some hyperlinks is one “slowly but surely” way to attract clients.

Choosing the right keywords is also important. Choose keywords that are relevant to what you’re offering, with highest local search but low competition. As much as possible, make your keywords at most 3 words only for easy search by your prospective clients.

2. Where do you post your articles and links?

There are many sites that offer free web listings for your websites. These are directory listing sites, bookmarking sites, and profile linking sites. By hyperlinking your website URL to your relevant keywords, you get a significant percentage of traffic increase to your site.

There are also sites wherein you can post your articles and/or blog posts.. Here, you can post relevant articles about your products and/or services, inserting keywords appropriately, hyperlinking your website URL, inserting images, and creating descriptive sentences called meta descriptions. Make sure your article’s content makes sense and doesn’t go around the bush just to get your keywords displayed.

So when you have done everything, the last thing to do is monitor your results. Track your website and keywords ranking so that you will know what SEO methods to use next, what keywords should retain, and which search engine you need to get top rank to.

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