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Partner with us and together we build your own success

Get to collaborate with Design Source Media. Partners handle the marketing, sales, project management, and invoicing for the end client. Partners receive special bonuses, incentives, marketing, and more!

Challenges our agency partners are facing:

  • Takes a long time to build a website
  • They just want to sell services but their current website is really bad
  • Their customer don't have a large budget
  • Updating WordPress and maintaining plug-ins are annoying and scary
  • No one to support if they run into any website issues

Why partner with us?

Build Opportunities

We help our partners build strong relationships with their clients

Expand Clientele

We provide our partners the oppurtunity to extend their network

Business Growth

We help you enhance your competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSM's Solution Providers Program?
  • Its a program to help our providers add value to their customers with our products and services. They are typically (not limited to) marketing agencies, consultants, coaches, designers, and developers that want to provide website products without having to hire more people.
  • Here are just a few things we do for our Solution Providers:
    • Direct Access to our team
    • Special Pricing
    • Marketing and Sales assistance
How does DSM's Solution Providers Program work?
  • Once you are accepted to our program, you'll be able to login to our site and right away get special pricing on our products. Also, you'll be able to tap into our team of experts to help you with your sale.
How do I become a DSM Solution Provider?
  1. Enroll here
  2. Solution Provider Interview - It's important that every provider understands our mission and we are both a good fit for each other
How do I earn money in DSM's Solution Providers Program?
  • You get to determine that 🙂
  • Our program is focused on giving our Solution Providers support and discounts so they can make their margins and add-value for their clients.
How do I qualify on DSM's Solution Providers Program?
  • There are a few qualities we look for, but we think this sums it up pretty nicely.
  • We are looking for partners that are passionate about helping businesses and making this world a better place.
Can I be a partner even if I live outside the US?
  • Yes, we're not limited in the US. We have partners all around the globe.

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