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Core Values


We focus our resources to achieve leadership objectives and strategies. Being a leader here is about having the strength to do what is right and not be afraid of going against the status quo. Standing up for the greater good of the company, client, and community to create a better place.


We always try to put ourselves in other’s shoes. We strive to understand our coworkers, clients, and community to understand their position. We treat others as we would like to be treated as unique, valuable individuals.


We are committed to working together by sharing ideas, technologies, and talents to achieve our goals and commitments.


We encourage new ideas and have an open-minded work environment to unleash the creativity of every member of our team.


We are constantly looking at improving the way we work and the results we provide. What may have worked in the past may not work in today’s fast-moving world. We are quick on our feet and continually move with the times.

Meet The Team

<span class="team-name">Aimee Juarez</span><br><span class="team-position">Executive Operations Manager</span>
Aimee Juarez
Executive Operations Manager
<span class="team-name">Venus Grace Pinon</span><br><span class="team-position">Executive Assistant</span>
Venus Grace Pinon
Executive Assistant
<span class="team-name">Jan Juarez</span><br><span class="team-position">Customer Success Team | Billing</span>
Jan Juarez
Customer Success Team | Billing
<span class="team-name">Zaina Soriano</span><br><span class="team-position">Project Manager | Lead Web Designer </span>
Zaina Soriano
Project Manager | Lead Web Designer
<span class="team-name">Carlson Tee-Ragos</span><br><span class="team-position">Web Designer | Video Content Editor</span>
Carlson Tee-Ragos
Web Designer | Video Content Editor
<span class="team-name">Zyra Pernito</span><br><span class="team-position">Web Designer</span>
Zyra Pernito
Web Designer
<span class="team-name">Christian Gonzales</span><br><span class="team-position">Full Stack Developer Lead</span>
Christian Gonzales
Full Stack Developer Lead
<span class="team-name">Rudolf Macanas</span><br><span class="team-position">Customer Success Team Manager | Cloud Systems Engineer</span>
Rudolf Macanas
Customer Success Team Manager | Cloud Systems Engineer
<span class="team-name">Albert Agapito</span><br><span class="team-position">Customer Success Team | Cloud Systems Integrator</span>
Albert Agapito
Customer Success Team | Cloud Systems Integrator
<span class="team-name">Sebastian Roca</span><br><span class="team-position">Customer Success Team | Cloud Systems Developer</span>
Sebastian Roca
Customer Success Team | Cloud Systems Developer


Join our DSM team! Let's work together to help businesses succeed and help them solve their most challenging problems. We are looking for talented and motivated people to together attain our goal and start building brands of the future!

For inquiries email us at careers@getdsm.com

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