The Unwinding Journey for DSM in Becoming GDPR Compliant

Published March 23, 2023

You on board yet? Did you create a plan? Are you ready for the GDPR wave? If you answered no to those questions or are confused about what even those letters mean then check out our previous article here. But hold up, enough talking about you and let’s switch over to us! Design Source Media has successfully developed a strategy to become compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations and has set in stone a week by week timeline for efficient processes. The summer days are getting shorter but that is no excuse to not become compliant! This is what we have in store for all you lovely people.  

We are a Digital Marketing Web Agency

Red Light! Design Source Media is a Digital Marketing Web Agency which helps to empower other businesses for success which means we do inform other companies about this new regulation. However, handling all these situations we almost forgot about ourselves so we took the green light and developed our plan to become compliant. Which translates to the questions we asked ourselves – “Where do we collect and process personal data”? The answer was clear and it was in our contact forms when a client decided to begin a project with us. This meant we had to update our WordPress Website Design Source Media and make some major changes. What are these changes you ask?

Scratch the old docs and say Hello to our new Little Friends

Our page didn’t have a special place for our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy so we are now implementing it after you submit the contact form. This is what would happen if you were a client on our website:

* On the homepage looking around reading our awesome mission statement and testimonials

* Look at some of the blogs and surface the about us page

* Check what services we offer and then once you decide we are the digital marketing agency you want to make your business successful

* You get redirected to our Contact page and fill out your information and check a consent checkbox and then hit that submit button

* You then get redirected to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy Page to accept those as well

Now you have the power to read the documents to see what the Terms & Conditions are and your privacy rights, how Awesome! These two documents are very important to complying because it allows us to be transparent with you about all the information we do. Of course, our documents will always be updated and is informed to you through your email given to us. This new wave that is coming soon had made us decided to put all the eggs in the basket and become full compliant instead of a little there and here because it is super important and we respect your privacy so let’s keep it going!

A Red Carpet Walkway for Your Consent

That last word you just read, consent, will be our legal grounds for processing personal information and we have clearly, easily provided ways for our clients to check it off. Back to our contact form where the client can fill out their information and then towards the end is where the fun begins. We decided to have a three switch navigation to make it more client responsive instead of just giving two choices of either yes or no. What we have is a section where there are three options you can click which are 1) keep me anonymous  2) Keep in contact 3) Perform analytics. In more detail, the first one we won’t collect any personal data about you at all. The second one will be collecting personal data in order to contact you about our services and other essentials. The last one is selected for you to allow us to use your information for analytical purposes to help us improve content and offerings. There you go, a selection the client can pick from where it gives them full control of what they decide to do with their personal information. Also, we have more consent option such as in our new cookie consent popup. This will popup at the bottom of the website and won’t let you click any other link without either consenting to allow us to use your cookies or requesting to stop all tracking.

So what’s next?

From you to us now Back to you

Your Rights. That’s Right. All 7 important user rights that you have because of the new regulations are all integrated into our website. You can request any of those rights to be enforced through an email sent to or verbally at (586) 580-9477. We have maximum 1 month to respond to your request and will provide a statement to you through email of what has been updated. Additionally, we are implementing data protection by design and default where we use pseudonymization to encrypt your personal data so no hackers can do dirty your information. All of this is implemented at the beginning of all processes so no need for you to do anything! We love making your life easier.

Correspondingly, our timeline for becoming GDPR compliant should be by the end of July and we will always be updating it as time flies by. Our developers are working hard as their schedule are very busy because of all the new projects coming in, but we will become compliant, don’t worry! Like mentioned before, this may seem overwhelming with all the regulations in place, but with a good strategy and a clear path, anything can be accomplished. You also don’t have to rush things too much if you reside in America because it has not come yet, but do not forget about it and store it in a vault. Here is an excellent WordPress Plugin that Design Source Media will be using and we highly recommend it! Plugin for Becoming Compliant

David President,
Design Source Media

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