Tracking Users with ActiveCampaign and ThriveLeads

By David Lee | Oct 2, 2018


I just want to share this information because I spent longer than I want to admit on figuring this issue out…

Goal: Being able to track users that sign up for my newsletter.
Problem: Users were being added to my list and contacts in ActiveCampaign, but the tracking data wasn’t show up.


  • ActiveCampaign Form (IMPORTANT)
  • ActiveCampaign Lead List
  • ThriveLeads


1. Create the List in ActiveCampaign

2. Create the form (don’t worry about the design of it) and point it to your list.

3. In Thrive, create your widget, popup, etc…

4. Edit widget and Connect to Service 

5. Add your Connection or Edit it (I had one already, so I just need to hit the gear)

6. Add both the ActiveCampaign mailing list and ActiveCampaign Form

When a visitor signs up for the newsletter, they now receive a email confirmation (because of the ActiveCampaign form). Once they confirm the email, their tracking information will be shown…
Until they clean out their cookies :slight_smile:

Bonus: I used Google Tag Manager for the ActiveCampaign Code and it works too.

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