Hacking Content:
How to Double Traffic in 90 Days and Increase Conversions


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When: Tuesday, September 11th

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Don is a Digital Marketing Consultant and an award-winning blogger on digital marketing and is the Lead Marketing Consultant for Design Source Media. Since 2004, Don has been a serial entrepreneur building seven successful businesses to include a web design & development company. Don Purdum - Marketing Manager, Rockstar Digital Marketing Expert

Trash all the ideas you’ve heard about that supposedly works…

Create New Content

Create new content on a daily basis that has you spinning around, wasting time, and not getting traffic or conversion in the short, medium, or long-term.

Be Annoying in Promotion

Work hard to promote your content all over the place (social media, blog commenting, etc) and your traffic dreams will come true. We will share how the internet is a holistic environment and how to leverage it to your benefit.

Focus on Keywords

Big mistake! We will discover what the search engines are now looking for... How to EAT - Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness... and how to create content through key phrases that accomplish your goals for increased traffic.

You will learn the following…

  • Learn the powerful formula C + F = E (you’ll have to watch to find out what the formula is and how it will transform the way you think about your business, marketing and sales).

  • Learn how the internet holistically works and who you should be targeting in order to increase your SEO value and social shares, and how to find what content they love to consume and share… you may just be surprised!

  • Learn how to quickly discover the right key phrases without assuming and failing miserably; as well as some practical tools to help you.

  • Learn how to create attention grabbing titles and how to structure your content for maximum shares, links and conversions.

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