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Design Source Media’s premium website services provide you with the flexibility you need to get the perfect website for your business today. Every business needs a modern, up-to-date web presence in order to compete, stay in the game and ahead of the competition.

Whether building a custom website or updating a current site, DSM can definitely do the job that works within your budget. We also build your sites in a way that you can easily change or add a feature on as your business grows.

We sit down with each client to understand your business and design the website based on your vision. DSM gives you the option of choosing extra features and functionality based on the service you provide and your budget. We can move your old website to a newer and faster site that is modern, responsive and has all of the features you need to keep you equipped in today's market.


What is unique about our websites and our methodology:

  • WordPress - We build from one of the most popular and recognized content managements systems in the world.  This means there is a huge community of support and prebuilt code (why reinvent the wheel) to save our customers time and money.
  • Theme or Custom - We give our customers the option to choose from a theme to cut down on time and costs or have a customized site designed from scratched.
  • Open Communication - We value open communication back and forth with our client.  Our clients know exactly what and why we do things. No tricks, just results.
  • Project Management - Every project will be assigned a project manager and a lead developer to ensure that the project meets deadlines and the code is proper. Our clients get updates every Friday on what we have completed, what is next, and what we need from them.
  • No hostages - We do not hold our customers hostage with their website and domain name.  We will release the domain name
  • Flexibility - We work with start ups and small businesses and we understand how difficult it can be to run a business.  That is why we offer flexible payment plans and subscription programs.
  • Customer Focus - We offer services and products of what you need to help you in your business.  Even if you do not do business with us, we will still do our best to direct you to someone that can.
  • Training We offer a recorded training session to walk them through the administration of their website. At the very least they know our work is not with a magical wand.

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