What is a Membership Site?

By admin.dsm | Dec 29, 2017


A membership site is a website that provides special access or content to users that are members of the website. Usually, there is some sort of requirement to enter. Some of the requirements may include one or more of these points; account creation, payment, and invite only. Think of being a member at Costco. Before being a member, they need to purchase an annual membership, and a card displayed at the entrance. Through the memberships, the members get special access and pricing to its products and/or services.

Why a membership site?

To create exclusivity and/or income, special content or access can be provided on a membership site. Example, when a member logs in they may receive access to templates or videos that the general public may not see, you can also create online courses or you could go much deeper, let’s say a blog article or a podcast.


Do membership sites charge fees on the site? If so, how often?

Not all the time, it may just be an invite only or the fees may already be charged elsewhere. So the website does not have to process payments. If it does, then it would also be considered an e-commerce site.

Usually, membership sites that charge fees are usually charged on a monthly or yearly basis. It can even offer a trial period before the fees start.

How membership features improves your customers’ experience

Speaking of customer experience, A customer should always feel that they are the priority of your business especially the members. For an example, embed social media posts from clients who have shared your content or said something great about your business to their social media accounts or followers. Put them in the spotlight and let your members feel appreciated and valued.

Another is convenience lets consider it would involve normal user and a member. If you have membership it includes auto-billing, free trials, access to all blog articles, freebies and etc. All of those little things make it easier for members to enjoy what they’re paying for. Your members should spend the least amount of time possible trying to use your product or service, so they can spend the majority of their time enjoying it.

Ideas for a membership site

  • Provide expert advice and content in a niche
  • Provide courses
  • Provide an exclusive access to events or discussion boards
  • Provide access to software

What are ways to attract members?

  • Webinars
  • Seminars
  • Blog articles
  • Video
  • Sample Templates
  • E-Books

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