Brand Identity

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity is the message conveyed to the consumer through properly created brand elements. It should be a relevant and honest representation of the company while highlighting the unique aspects therein. Having consistent elements such as color, logo, theme and design come together to create a brand identity that gives customers an easily recognizable brand. Having strong brand identity positions a business as a leader and expert in its field. It connects customers to a business and builds trust and loyalty. Brand identity should also clearly convey the business's mission ( the “why” ), the core values and the “personality” of the business.

What is your brand?

In other words, who are YOU? This is the first question your clients are going to ask. Design Source Media is here to help you tell the world your story. Your brand is your window to your marketplace. Let’s make it beautiful and clear for all to see. We can help you create and DESIGN your FUTURE.

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