You are Who You Refer…

By David Lee | Oct 2, 2018

One of the things that I hear a lot, from business owners to sales professionals is that they want to be that referral source. You want to be that person that everyone goes to when they need someone or need a business. For example, “Oh my sink stopped working, do you know a good plumber?” “Do you know someone that who do this?”. Well, here is my take on that, you have to be careful on who you refer to & what kind of referrals you accept. One of the things, is that, does it fall in line with what you do or what you currently do? Do you really want to be known as, “Joe the guy who knows every contractor except Joe doesn’t do contracting”.

So, you really want to think about your mission in the business that you’re in & also the career that you’re trying to build. So, there is nothing wrong with helping others & passing the referrals here & there, but you really want the referrals that you want to give. You want to really have a relate to what you currently do & the directions you want to move towards. So, what do I do? You know how people talk about surrounding yourself with the people that you want to become or they are like you. So for example, in order for me to become a business leader, let’s say in a community. The last thing I want to do is start referring plumbers & electricians, that doesn’t really represent business leadership but if I started referring out on helping the community with their businesses & growing their businesses & those are the connections that I’m providing, then I’m more viewed as a business leader in that case. So I hope you enjoyed this! Feel free to comment. I look forward to hearing your feedback & some of your comments & suggestions.

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