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"The whole process was smooth, there were no hiccups that we encountered. The website launch when we wanted to launch and any changes to make it will be made quickly.  Everything has been really positive, we’re getting more customer flow in our counter because there are contractors seeing it and they find the information they need and they come to approach us and that’s exactly what we wanted."

Keith Thome

Founder and CEOSpina Electric Co.

“Design Source Media was an integral part of making it all. 

The responsiveness of the team with changes I wanted to make was just amazing. 

They knew everything that they build will be the success of me.”

Lisa Vendittelli

PresidentIt's A Dog's Life MI

“I immediately felt the relief of stress because with the way you guys communicated and I was able to communicate back to the team and everyone else, it really took relief of the problems that we had prior to hiring Design Source Media"

Shara Gunther

Executive AssistantStrategic Recruiting

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