Benefits of Having Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, has become the most widely and commonly used online marketing strategy due to its adequacy. Despite the drastic changes that is constantly happening over the web, SEO is able to maintain its reputations. It is not only vital for companies competing online but also a venture for all types of businesses. Having an optimized website is must-have nowadays and the cash spent on SEO ought not be viewed as an expense but rather a venture.

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So what are the benefits of SEO?

1. Greater Traffic Increase

Even after closing hours of your business, the internet is not. People surfing the net still manages to click on your business’ relevant keywords, tags and meta descriptions, read your articles or posts , and visit your website. Hence, web traffic is still going up 24/7.

2. Cost-Effective Investment

Natural postings are basically free. Unlike PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertisements, there is no need for you to allocate budget for each click on your web ad, much more giving it a “scam impression” on people seeing them.  So if there is a thing that you have to pay, it is your hired SEO. But if you can do it yourself, that`s great for you. Now, that’s one cost-effective investment!

3. Better ROI (Return on Investment)

2% of 1000 people who click, or happen to click, on your paid ads might buy your products, however, when you use SEO, 2% will become 4%. This is because most of them intentionally, and not just happens to, click on your keywords, tags, etc. In other words, they have that purpose of searching something relevant to your products. Better ROI, right?

4. Brand Awareness – Much Higher Credibility

Because most people trust Google, – a website that ranks on top, – first page, – of Google search is most likely to be visited and considered. More visits means higher chances of being remembered. So the next time people want to search something related to the keywords they used to search, they would just search or type in your business name or website’s URL. Your website already becomes the KEYWORD—the BRAND.

5. DATA ACCESS and REVIEW for Improvement

SEO has a way to monitor your traffic results and client information. By doing so, you will have access on customer data, what products they are usually searching for based on the keywords that are frequently clicked or typed in.  At the same time, you are also aware which keywords are less competitive, meaning few rival companies uses them in their SEO as well. That given, you can improve your marketing strategy from time to time, improving your sales in the process.

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