Design Source Media’s Website Care Plan vs. Other hosting providers

By admin.dsm | Oct 2, 2018


I get asked a lot about the differences between our Website Care Plan vs. other hosting providers. Well, there’s so much to this that I think it’s much better suited as an article.

In the world of hosting, it’s like choosing the right vehicle and then all the “add-ons” that go with it. Sometimes that 1994 Chrysler Neon gets you where you want to go, but you wouldn’t trust your kids to take it on a road trip up north.

Pros and Cons


Other Hosting Providers

  • Cheap
  • More Storage

DSM’s Website Care Plan

  • WordPress Optimized hosting
    • Solid State Drive
    • PHP optimizations
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security
    • SSL Cert (Value: $50 / year)
  • WordPress Support
    • Intimate knowledge of the plug-ins used and hosting environment
  • Software Licenses (Value: $300+ / year)
  • Unlimited Support and 30 minute Updates
  • Weekly Backups on an offsite location


Other Hosting Providers

  • No backups or additional costs for it
  • No intimate knowledge of the website itself.
  • Limited to server support
  • No ongoing updates to the WordPress site
  • Additional costs for SSL Cert ($50 / year)
  • Pay additional annual fees to upgrade software licenses
  • Pay developers for ongoing maintenance and issues

DSM’s Website Care Plan

  • WordPress Optimized hosting
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Security
    • SSL Cert (Value: $50 / year)
  • WordPress Support
    • Intimate knowledge of the plug-ins used and hosting environment
  • Software Licenses (Value: $300+ / year)
  • Unlimited Support and 30 minute Updates
  • Weekly Backups on an offsite location


There are many hosting providers to choose from. Examples: godaddy, hostgator, bluehost, asmallorange, etc. Most of them are similar with very small variences. So disclaimer, I’ll be going over a more generalized review of what most of these providers offer compared to our current hosting.

Most of the typical hosting services, they pitch the low cost month hosts. The “Starting at $3.99” and the “UNLIMITED Storage“. Let’s be real here… there’s a price for everything, so what does the low cost and unlimited storage mean?

They’re most likely cramming your site into one of their servers along with 1000s of other websites like yourself. Plus, in order to save money on storage, your site is setting on a slow machine running on an old Hard Disk Drive (HDD).

Large group of business people using mobile phones, elevated view

Who can actually hear their own conversation?

For the best user experience and best SEO practices (don’t take my word for it… it’s from Google directly), you want the best hosting you can get based the following:

  • Location of the data centers
  • Storage used
  • Security


This is where most hosting providers drop off. They will maintain their own servers and equipment but they will avoid your WordPress website. Even if they are a WordPress Managed Provider, they did not build your website so they may give their recommendations and best efforts on issues but they won’t mess with the code.

That’s where we need to bridge the gap by providing full maintenance of not just the servers but the code that is written. WordPress is one of the largest CMS platforms with lots of different plug-ins. It is a great tool to build amazing websites, but also it opens up a lot of vulnerabilities if not kept in check. If something were to go wrong on the site, it can take up to weeks and thousands of dollars to rebuild a site.

Our website care plan covers any issues with the website.


Other than maintaining the WordPress core and Plug-ins, having an SSL cert is important for protecting your data and also for search engine optimization (Article: Google ranks https as a signal).

Normally, hosting providers will sell you a SSL Cert for $50 / year. Then, you would still need to install it for your WordPress site or pay a developer to help you with that.

Guess what, it’s included in the website care plan 🙂


The way the WordPress community survives is through selling software called plug-ins and features on a yearly basis. We have our favorites, such as, Genesis Framework, Beaver Builder, and Gravity Forms. It defiantly doesn’t end there.

How the plug-ins works is that you can purchase them and you would have 1 year of updates. But after the one year, you would need to repurchase them if you want to update them for the latest features and security. So, when that new version of WordPress comes out and you don’t have the latest plug-in to support it… guess what, you’re now going to have to repurchase it again.

What we do is that we purchase agency licenses and continue to purchase the licenses to support all our customers. These licenses do cost more but with the volume of sites we build it is worth it. That’s how we are able to pass on the savings to you! With our calculations, the plug-ins that we paid for to build the site would cost over $300 / year on licenses.


Do you have insurance? Not having backups is like driving a school bus full of kids on a rocky mountain road with no auto insurance and towing.

Things happen, that’s a fact of life. So why not protect your assets? We haven’t invented cloning and soul transferring technology yet, but with websites… it is possible! I’ve seen many sites that have been hacked or accidentally modified. However, with a backup, all that is not a problem because it can be restored.

Some hosting companies do provide backups for an additional cost, but their backups are normally a full server backup not a WordPress specific one. What that means is that it may take longer to restore the whole server instead of just WordPress when that’s all you may need. Also, there maybe items that were restored outside of WordPress that you wouldn’t want restored.

Unlimited 30 minute updates?!

If I haven’t convinced you by now, I don’t know what will. But here’s something extra to throw in and consider…

Most hosting providers will not touch your code. They will tell you to hire a developer to edit your website. It maybe something as simple as updating an image or changing the text.

This is why we offer unlimited updates as long as they are 30 minutes or less (anything more would be considered a project). So things like…

  • Changing images
  • Changing content
  • Add a new item to my store
  • Adding a new store location

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