Episode #28 – Tips on Running a Business Remotely

By David Lee | Nov 1, 2018

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Running a business remotely is not just relaxing at home. Here is the inside scoop on some things to consider:

Have the right mindset

There are so many distractions when working remotely. If it’s at home, then it may be the TV or family. If it’s at a coffee shop, then it’s all the people around. Work on proactively communicating with the team and avoid the distractions. More and constant communication. Not having a place to meeting up with your team and everyone is at different locations.

Use a lot of technology

There are some great tools that can really help with the remote work. Here are a few that we suggest:

  • Skype – Free Audio and Video chat. Also, cost-effective ways to make phone calls.
  • Slack – Team messaging that are grouped as chat rooms (channel). We use this to discuss projects since each client/department is a channel.
  • Zoom – Remote conference with the ability to record. Great for large team and client meetings.
  • Loom – Free video recording software

Getting everyone else onboard on working remotely

It gets more challenging when not every fully understands what it takes to work remotely. Even if there are a few people that don’t embrace the idea of working remotely, then tensions can start. Once that starts, communication starts to break down. As I mentioned on the first point, communication is a big piece of working remotely.

Here are some ways to get everyone on board:

  • Go over the positives and negatives of working remotely to everyone
  • Ensure that everyone understands that working remotely does not mean doing other things outside of work (Ex. Doing chores at home)
  • Have everyone agree on different policies and procures on working remotely


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