Episode #30 – Customer is “Not” Always Right

By David Lee | Nov 1, 2018

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Does the customer always know what is really best? There is a saying that goes,  “A Customer is Always Right”,  maybe most of the time but definitely not all the time.


A Customer is NOT always right, sometimes it is so bad that the customer can get to a point where they start abusing you. DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU OR TO YOUR STAFF!!!


Every customer are unique, each of them has their own needs and some have unrealistic expectations and it’s really hard for a business to deal with it, we can see stories and experiences from different employees going such measures just to provide that “quality of service” to its customers.


A great quality of customer service is the life-blood of every businesses and entrepreneur, making sure to provide the needs and wants of its customers. But when you always allow your employees or yourself to think that “Customers are Always Right”, it will eventually have a negative impact on your business, it simply discourages employees, and it allows offensive customers to abuse its powers, which will then create bad experiences for you and the other customers. 


They are not always right but that doesn’t mean that they are always wrong, listen to what they have to say and know what they are going through and see if your team can help solve that problem.


It is always best to empower your employees to make the right and reasonable decisions. Educate and give them knowledge through training on how to provide “great customer service” without enabling rude customers to take over.

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