How to Setup your render settings for Youtube under 3 MINUTES!

By dsm.Admin | Mar 4, 2019


A lot of people underestimate the final step in video editing. There is still misunderstanding when it comes to rendering files using the Adobe Premiere, especially that Premiere already provides plenty of choices of useful export settings. Tweaking and customizing them further is better to get the highest quality possible seems to be the most challenging part of the process for the majority of the editors. Here’s a quick tutorialĀ on how to set up your Adobe premiere’s render settings for Youtube:

Go to> File> Export> Media

A window will pop-up showing the render settings

Click on Format> Choose H.264

Click on Preset> Choose Youtube 1080p HD

Click on Render at Maximum Depth

On the profile, under encoding setting click on high

For the level, you may choose 4.2 for it

Click on export, wait for a while and that’s it! You’re good to go. We hope that our tutorial helped you and see you on our next tutorial.


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