When do I Need to Redesign my Website?

The information you provide online changes faster than it would be if it was in print. Due to the accessibility and mutability of the internet, any information gets easily fixed when there is an error and updated when there is new information available. With this kind of fast-paced orientation, the information that you put in your website today may no longer be as relevant as it is tomorrow. This works the same way with your website. It is not enough that you have one. Aside from monitoring bugs in your website, you also need to constantly update it.

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Before making necessary actions, what you need to understand is the relevance of getting your website a makeover. Ask yourself just one very simple question before going back and forth on the pros and cons of redesigning your website. Is there really a need for you to redesign your website? To answer that, below are possible signs that your website needs an overhaul.

Website loads too slow

Nothing annoys current and potential customers alike than a very slow web page. A website that loads very slowly can lose customers in just a manner of a few minutes. The standard length of time for a website to fully load is 2 minutes given the best internet conditions. If your website is taking too long to load, chances are, there are bugs or technical problems due to faulty or poor coding skills.

Low search engine ranking results

All business activities under control, check. A properly working website, check. How come your company is still underperforming based on results? There is a huge possibility that it is due to a poor Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. People from different age groups now rely on the internet whenever they are looking for products or services. It is not enough that you have a website to provide customers information about the services or products you offer because you are not the only company that has the same business offerings that also has a working website. You need to rise above the competition by making sure that potential customers find you easily even when there is a ton of competition out there on the internet too.

Major changes in your business offering

Imagine yourself in a front of a counter of a fast-food chain ready to give your order. After looking at the menu above the counter, the person on the counter taking your order tells you what you order no longer exists. Doesn’t that feel disappointing enough? That is exactly how it feels when you have made many or major changes in the products or services you offer, and you were not able to make necessary changes to your web design.

Website is not mobile-responsive

With smartphones made even more accessible now, many customers online turn to their cellphones to check, order, reserve or buy services and products. If you think about it, many smartphones are also cheaper than any other gadgets that can be used to check websites online. Statistically speaking, this means that a greater number of current and potential customers are using their mobile phones to reach you online. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are losing a lot of potential sales.

Your site is not at par with your competition

It is important to always check you competition. In that way, you do not get left behind with the latest innovations especially on effective marketing strategies specifically on web designs. This will also remind you to check if your website still projects a good image of your company or institution. If the website is unkempt and looks poorly made, it will send the customers the really wrong message, making you look unprofessional and not fit for the job.

Website’s CMS needs an upgrade

You will definitely need to have a content management system to regularly update your website without the help of web and IT professionals. However, it is a different story when you need to upgrade your actual CMS or switch entirely to a new system. Seek professional help as soon as possible or else you will be wasting your time migrating to your new system your outdated content.

Is your website experiencing any of these signs? Design Source Media can help you with any of your web or IT concerns. Contact us for a free consultation.

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