Website Care Plan

What us Website Care Plan?

According to Sophos, on average 30,000 websites are hacked a day! Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What happens if my site goes down?
  • What happens if my site starts sending malicious code?
  • What happens if my site is changed and is now scamming my customers?

Businesses now depend on their websites more than ever and it is becoming their center of their business marketing, sales tool, operations, and management.

At Design Source Media, we believe in a proactive approach in protecting our customers from bad people. Here is how we do it.


We host our websites on Managed WordPress servers. That means our servers are optimized and secured for WordPress. Also, our servers are running on solid state drives instead of HHD.

WordPress Core and Plug-in Updates

There is a new version of WordPress about every quarter (Source:WordPress Releases) and there can easily be over a dozen plug-ins on a WordPress site. We're here to keep it all up to date so our customers can sleep better at night.


Security and Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitor the website to see what may go wrong. Also, we secure your site with an SSL Certificate (Valued: $50/year).

Software Licenses

We pay for and use commercial grade software that has been vetted and tested. Normally, the renewal of website software licenses can cost over $1000 / year. Customers that are part of our care program, most of the plug-ins on the website will be no additional costs to you (Value: $300+ / year).

Priority Support

Our site care plan customers first dibs on a new project and support needs.

Weekly Backups

We backup our customer's sites on the server and on the cloud with different versions. We just want to make sure we a way to roll back from either a human error or a compromise in security.

Unlimited Support

If anything goes wrong with our managed sites, we will repair it with no additional costs.

Unlimited 30 Minute Updates (Pro Only)

Every month, our customers will be eligible for support and updates as long as the task is under 30 minutes.

Here are a few items we do for our customers:

  • Add image and text on the page
  • Add/Remove users
  • Install plug-in

Schedule a complementary consultation session with us.

Call us at (586) 580-9477 or send us an email.

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